Form follows Flow
Releasing your brand's full Potential with our TED-shared Asynsis Dao of Design

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Providing exceptional, world-class, glocal-savvy, transcultural design for Asia & Europe

Synergising Simplexity into SynPlexity

Form follows Flow method, optimised, beautiful, bespoke design results
Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication: elegant bespoke design that synergises the full potential and optimal value of our clients' projects by catalysing their users' true narratives and unique senses of place and time.

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Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, EcoLivable, Smart, Circular City Master Planning, Urban Design, Art Consultation, Product Design, Lighting Design, Furniture Design


Specialties: Architectural Concept Design, Project Delivery, Business Development & Innovation, Environmentally Sustainable Design in: Mixed-Use, 5 and 6-Star Hotels, Hospitality/F&B, Retail, Commercial + Banking, Residential, Health, Rail and Transport, Education + Civic, Eco-Resorts, Condominiums, Science Retreats, Religious, Broadcast + New Media, Leisure, Theatre, Landmark Towers, Bridges, Public sculpture, Industrial and EcoLivable, Smart Circular City Sustainable Masterplanning, Urban + Landscape Design, Interior Design, Architecture + Design Thought Leadership, Design Education.

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