Asynsis presents @ Constructal Law Conference Nanjing October 2013

Form follows Flow: Is there a New Geometric Law of Thermodynamics?

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e^{i *pi} = -(2phi-root5)

e^{i *pi} = -(2phi-root5)


Asynsis presents @ Constructal Law Conference 2013

Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Nanjing, China

  • Design as (a bridge between Art and) Science

  • Design in Nature and Culture, via the Intelligence of Geometry

  • More 4 Less.

  • Form follows Flow.

We discuss Constructal law as the facilitation of increasing flow and the freedom to morph being the thermodynamic motive force explaining self-similarity, multiscale-power law and fractal geometries in nature and culture.

But rather than emphasising the decomposition of Fractals, we refer more to the composition of Constructal size, shape and organisation of each dynamical system “drawing” in nature and culture.

Fractal geometry is descriptive, whilst Constructal law is predictive, allowing scientific predictions to be made and confirmed. Asynsis principle conjectures made in AD magazine in 1994 have since been confirmed and profoundly elaborated on by the Constructal law and by other researchers as provided in this and other posts in this blog.
Constructal truths have vindicated Asynsis beauty – and Asynsis beauty confirms Constructal truths. 

In effect: we show how Constructal behaviours explain the Fractal geometries of nature and culture in both space and now also,  flowing freely and more easily, evolving and designing endlessly creative new morphologies – in time.

So, a transformative, historic new universal paradigm is on us, one that bridges the two cultures of art and science, that profoundly reveals the spatio-temporal architectures of our world and which crucially, reveals a new path for our civilisation to design and develop itself more optimally and sustainably and to best manage increasing complexity driven by ever more demand for power and resources, whilst remaining in harmony with the planetary biosphere.

We present a grand unified design theory of everything in complexity, while demonstrating a new paradigm of Cosmomimetic design, integrating, inter alia: Biomimetic design, Phi-Intergrated Information Theory and the Evolutionary Origins of Modularity, covering all systems in nature and culture, all flows and the forms they optimally, analogically and sustainably evolve to produce.

Asynsis Principle-Constructal law: nature’s innate geometries revealing her optimising, sustainable behaviours, be they animate or not, from human consciousness to political-economy, from black hole behaviours to artificial intelligence, from aircraft sizes to quantum gravity. All are integral to the new, universal theory of everything of the Constructal law of design in nature and culture and the Asynsis principle, which is the essential, archetypal geometrical signatures of those behaviours.

An evidence-based comparison between western theories of Dynamical systems and Complexity on the one hand and eastern concepts of facilitating Qi flow via optimal Li patterns on the other, to attempt a new, transcultural synthesis, thereby forging a new global paradigm for sustainable design and development.

We present the Asynsis Principle as the archetypal, optimal and analogical geometries revealed by the thermodynamic, irreversible behaviours of the Constructal law at the annual Constructal Law Conference, Nanjing, China, October 14-15, 2013.

Profound thanks to Professors Adrian Bejan, Sylvie Lorente and also Houlei Zhang of Duke University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology respectively; and to the University of Westminster Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science faculties, AD Magazine London and New York, plus the British Library, London.

Nigel Anthony Reading RIBA BADip Architecture LEED GA
Design Director

ASYNSIS Architecture + Design


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