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Asynsis design practice and research thought-leadership (including via TEDx and UKTI GREAT Creativity campaign with RIBA-HK):

The Asynsis Φ-Dao of Design: now via independent TED conferences: (TEDx) (UKTI-RIBA)
(ARUP HQ Symposium by Asynsis principle-Constructal law team of Professors Adrian Bejan & Sylvie Lorente, with Nigel Reading RIBA, with ARUP Foresight & Innovation Team, ARUP Campus, Fitzrovia, London, UK, May 2013)

Asynsis Media coverage, Press release, Conferences, Articles and Symposia (including with Nanjing University of Science & Technology and ARUP Foresight & Innovation, London):

The energy-design science behind our work – by MIT-trained mechanical and civil engineers:

Our latest Asynsis urban design proposals: Hong Kong EcoLivable City references, EcoLivable roadmap Op-Eds and String of Pearls/HarbourLoop Renewables-powered, Carbon-offset, Green-financed Decarbonising pilot-project “pathfinder” urban design initiative for Hong Kong, the PRD and the wider region in response to (and to best synergistically optimise), the HKSAR Government HK2030+ response to the Paris Climate Accord:

1. Hong Kong EcoLivable City Initiative and City Regeneration References

2. EcoLivable City Roadmap Op-Eds

3. String Of Pearls-MetaLoop – Decarbonising HK2030+ pilot-project “green pathfinder” urban design and green-transport initiative for HK urban corridors and the harbourside (featuring 100% renewable energy-powered infrastructure, 100% zero-emission e-vehicle, cycling and walking routes, 100% green buildings).  (Asynsis MetaLoop: Hong Kong and Sydney) (London Overground-East Londo Line: Asynsis @ Arup)

An esplanade of public footpaths, cycleways, PRT loops, public plazas, art-walks, playspaces, funfairs, observation wheels, open air theatres-cinemas, pavilions, markets, marinas, swimming pools, et el, to fully vascularise our urban flows according to our Form Follows Flow #AsynsisConstructal paradigm.

All with sweeping, harbourside vistas of the spectacular, beautiful Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines.

Now also proposed and published in Australia via Fifth Estate, September 2019:

4. Kati Thanda – Greening our Desert Regions

5. Tuvalu Tenure – Ocean Salt Crystal Solar Radiation Management

6. The design philosophy behind our work:

Form follows Flow
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