APSARA – A New Paradigm in Personal Transport


ASYNSIS APSARA 3D Model & Sketch
ASYNSIS Apsara Concept Sketch

Asynsis Design Director Nigel Reading and leading Car and Industrial Designer Chris Ebbert combine to bring our latest SynPlexity-design vision for flying cars to the world, named after the legendary Khmer angels of Angkor – APSARA.

It combines several optimisations, including:

1. Combining Wheels and Fans, with flight-retractable Skis

2. Single Electric Power-train for both Wheels and Fans, optimising weight-power efficiency

3. Articulated Wing-Arms to allow VTOL from tight spaces including traffic jams and open to sky carparking spaces

4. Fully autonomous drone navigation with GPS-integration in flight mode, same for Road mode with manual override, allows for 4-wheel drive all-terrain mode with high wheel-base

5. Over-roof fan positioning in flight mode for optimal flight performance, occupant comfort and view visibility.

6. Ultra-light weight and high-strength composite material body

7. State of the art battery technology

8. Full standard SUV pax and goods loading capacity, safety features including airbags, marine floatbags and roof-mounted  vehicle-parachutes.

Stand by for further views, refinements and partnering news to come!


For a definition of SynPlexity design, please refer to our Dao of Design, “Form follows Flow’ Design ToE:
The Asynsis position (including via TEDx and UKTI GREAT campaign with RIBA-HK):

http://asynsis.com/archives/4017 (TEDx)

http://asynsis.com/archives/4038 (UKTI-RIBA)



Press release, Media coverage, Posts, Conference, Symposia (including with ARUP Foresight & Innovation, London):


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