Asynsis published in South China Morning Post January 2014



Asynsis published in South China Morning Post January 2014

There’s more below on the Asynsis-principle Constructal law and how working with us, stakeholders can add world-class quality with strong Asian values to their new architecture & design projects here in Asia and beyond.
It’s a compelling, universally applicable new methodology for optimising beauty in design, efficiencies in construction and operations whilst also enhancing project and brand value, both in the built environment and also in the wider economy.
The Hong Kong Spin is proposed as ideally, a PPP with the government of the HK SAR and a commercial consortium, for which we seek interest.
It would also serve as a demonstration project for the new optimal, sustainable design methods of the Asynsis-Constructal paradigm. When shown to the Hong Kong Tourism commission and former Commerce and Economic Development secretary before, the reaction was very positive indeed.
The ideal site is West Kowloon Cultural District, with the HKS having a value-adding catalysing “one country, two systems” (Greek letter φ-Phi – for the golden ratio, Chinese character 中-Zhong – for the middle kingdom) symbolism.

Like the London Eye at the Culture and Arts-focused Southbank and the Eiffel Tower, it would be a bespoke tailored city-branding icon for our beautiful fusion city, giving us competitive advantage over our regional rivals like Singapore.
The original complete project delivery team for concept (first published and exhibited in 1997 via an HKIA Handover competition), delivery and engineering would again be engaged in this enterprise.

Nigel Reading RIBA LEED GA

Design Director

Asynsis Architecture + Design

Form follows Flow

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