MetaLoop – An Ecomimetic Zero-Emissions Revolution in Personal Mass Transit




MetaLoop is a light-active AV-EV transit, renewables-powered, urban farming, single-platform, multi-modal network to help de-congest, cool, feed and de-carbonise our cities sooner and more affordably.
It’s an Intra-City HyperLoop that gets you from A-B faster than any other means, saving precious quality time, with no more queues, traffic jams and bus stop or rail station waits, because the station always, comes to you.
It’s designed by the architect who delivered the Architectural vision for the ARUP East London Line, prototyping the London Overground GingerLine and exemplifies the Constructal City Evolving & Vascularising paradigm, via the Asynsis principle of Form Follows Flow, via More For Less.


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