String Of Pearls – An EcoLivable Hong Kong Harbour Revitalisation Proposal

String of Pearls

Victoria Harbour EcoLivable Necklace

Imagine a “String of Pearls” floating necklace of cycle and walkways, an esplanade of attractions, carefully sowed around the harbour.

Associated with the #HongKongSpin wheel, podium and biomes at #WKCD, we propose a “#StringOfPearls”, a necklace of floating walkways, cyclepaths and PRT pod routes around both harbour edges: reconnecting the city back to the waterfront via dedicated green corridors, reconnecting people with the harbour and bringing its often desolate, under-used shores back to vibrant life.

Imagine a seamless trip, by foot, bike or PRT pod from Hong Kong island’s Kennedy Town to Kwun Tong in Kowloon to visit a new Bruce Lee museum?

How better to add value for both visitors and residents alike?

The “Pearls” – such facilities could include playgrounds, parks, yoga spaces, public pools, marinas, pavilions, water gardens, arbours, performance & concert spaces, baby biomes, outdoor cinemas, art galleries, museums, cafes, bars, restaurants and retail kiosks, cycle-stops with showers and changerooms, bikeparks (all powered & watered by Hong Kong #EcoLivable City Initiative renewable energy marine solar and wind farms).

Here’s how this idea is being demonstrated in part for London, Singapore, Portland & Brisbane, but in separate examples (while our proposals & links/attractions would be much more integrated, diverse, natural and meandering – to better match their stunning waterside setting and Chinese Feng Shui design principles – along with the Asynsis #FormFollowsFlow #DaoOfDesign paradigm).

So why not a PPP with MTR and private developers, under the auspices of the Harbourfront Authority?

Global Waterside References

Global Waterside References

Sketch Paths, Pavilons, Pont

Sketch Paths, Pavilons, Pont

Pearl Attractor

Pearl Attractor

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